Sunday, May 18, 2008

Name Frames

I made these frames for my friend's daughter's Bday party. I did them really quick the day of the party, I had been working all week and that was my only day off that week. I used my cricut (see Deb I use what you gave me) for the letters, I got a bunch of those frames a while ago from the dollar store, and those stickers are again from my favorite store that I just happen to work in and love it ,Target. The background is stamped with that vine stamp from doodle this and I also did some paper piercing... They came out really cute and everybody at the party loved them.. Thanks For Looking....

I can't decide!!

I made this 2 cards for my little niece's bday, and I couldn't decide which one to send her, My DH didn't like the "I stink you're sweet" one because of the stink part, but it's a skunk, it's cute right, anyway I ended up sending her the Happy b-day one but I liked them both, I sent the other one to my other sister so It didn't go to waste, again I used my left over paper from my merci card, and I also used this pattern cardstock from target it has the sticky already so all I do is peel and stick. Which one do you guys like better....

Wonderful sister card

I made this card for my sister's b-day, I had some left over paper from my merci card so I just used what I had just changed it up a little....
Cardstock: green celery, regal rose, white.
Inks: green celery, regal rose and black
stamps: barroque motifs, wonderful favorites..TFL