Saturday, May 19, 2007

me and hubby at the beach..

Hey, I just realized something, my camera's date is wrong, I'm like a year behind, anyway don't pay attention to that..... I I'm here again haven't posted anything in a while. Sorry. I've been really busy I forgot that when you have a baby you can't do anything anymore, he's getting so big he's going to be a year old in a couple of weeks, time goes by so fast... Anyway let me see last time I posted something was before I went to the beach with my in laws. WOW! That was almost 2 months ago... Well I have been making things I just haven't have the time to post them so here We go. I think I promised some beach pictures so I'll do that first.... Here's me and my hubby Dan at the caves in Pismo beach the only time you can go to this caves is when the tides are low, well they were low and it was very cold, but it was a nice day sunny and clear....

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